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The Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern

A gathering place in the

heart of Southern Alberta

Every town has its special place – fishing holes, bakeries and burger stands that draw people from miles around. It’s not easy to achieve this regional fame, which is why we work hard to create a memorable experience for every customer. Featuring locally-sourced ingredients and globally-inspired recipes, we’re creating a truly multicultural, truly ‘Canadian’ cuisine and backing it up with an assortment of craft beer and spirits.

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Specials + Events

From delicious food, to talented musicians, Southern Alberta has so much to share. At the Picture Butte Hotel and Restaurant, we do everything we can to showcase our beautiful corner of the world, with locally-sourced, seasonal specials, live shows, and an array of craft beers and spirits. Come experience the Picture Butte Hotel and Restaurant today!

Every day: Happy Hour

Beat the rush and enjoy daily specials! Come wind-down with us.

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A Place to Gather Since 1937

In 1955, before the ranchers settled, Picture Butte was home to a booming sugar industry and a brand new hotel. Built to attain a liquor licence, the Picture Butte Hotel was the tavern to travel to for a cold beer after a hard day’s work – and still is. But today, there’s so much more on the menu than just beer and pretzels.

With a choice selection of European beers and a globally-inspired menu, The Picture Butte Hotel offers an experience as grand and diverse as the prairies. Whether you’re celebrating 10 years of marriage, or just looking for a reason to go for a drive, we’re here to create an experience you’ll remember.


A History of

Shared Stories

With over 50 years of continuous operation, the Picture Butte Hotel is filled with memories from the floorboards to the roof! Over the years, our customers have been generous enough to share their memories with us. From the engineer who stayed here in the fifties, to the truck driver who rented a room in the eighties, we’ve heard stories from every decade of the hotel’s operation.

We’re so honoured to continue the tradition of creating lasting memories. That’s why we’re committed to creating a great atmosphere, delicious food, and drinks you can’t find west of the Telegraph. Here’s to another decade of making more memories!

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