There goes our next door neighbour, paving way for our new patio.

We spent far too much time with our doors closed through 2020, so it’s hard to say ‘see you later’ once again with 2021 just beginning. But, this time it’s different – we promise.

Despite all the Covid shutdowns through the last year, we’re excited for this pause.

While 2020 shut us because of pandemic regulations, 2021’s shutdown comes with a bright, shining silver lining. Because this time, we’re closing down to renovate. So, when we open up again in three months (give or take – you know how renovations are), we’ll be better than ever.

The year of new beginnings

The Picture Butte Hotel and Bar has had the same look for decades. There are people out ranching that are younger than the decor in our restaurant. 

While we’ve never had a complaint from a customer due to the furnishing (probably because our patrons are too busy enjoying the delicious food), we’ve decided that 2021 is the year to renovate. 

Really, what better way to leave 202o behind than to rip out the old, and install the new?

Now, we’re not just talking about new flooring, tables and a paint of coat here. We are ripping out the entire interior, from the front of the house all the way through to the kitchen in order to make way for an entirely new, better-designed restaurant. 

We’ll open up the front of the restaurant, and push the bar, off sales and the VLTs to the back of the restaurant. We hope this will make it more friendly to families who want a more friendly family atmosphere.

We are also completely renovating the kitchen to make it easier for our cooks.

The patio

Yes, the interior is going to be great, if we do say so ourselves, but one of the things we’re most excited about is the exterior. That is the new patio! 

There are few things better than dining al fresco with friends in the summer. That’s why we’ve torn down the building that used to stand next to the Picture Butte Hotel to make way for some outdoor dining space.

We’ll pave the lot, add some tables, plants, and a barrier et voila the perfect place to go for a summer pint after a hard day’s work, or hang out with the friends on a long summer night.

Our renovated reopening

Now, let’s not focus on the fact that we’ll be closed. Instead, let’s look forward to the joy of re-opening, because this closure is only temporary.

Currently, we plan on having our grand, renovated reopening in early March.

Of course, we know plans don’t always stay on track, and renovations can get bumped off track easier than most. That’s not to mention the fact that the pandemic can really put a twist in agendas. That’s why we’re not giving a hard deadline here. But, the building should be done by sometime around the end of March, and the patio should be ready for summer.

If you want to keep up with the progress, follow us on Instagram. Who knows, you might even get a sneak peek of our new digs before anyone else.

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